I generate product traction, manage media presence, and launch new ideas.

I work with professionals, entrepreneurs, corporations, and brands. No two projects are alike and each need a different blend of efforts and I don’t give up until the job is done right. In business development, my main strengths center around strategy, marketing, and design. My goal is to get ideas validated, make them market ready, and combine marketing and media to make them spread.

I bring the vision of a creative and the results of the businessman. I make projects grow.

Featured Projects

Beyond 5 is an entertainment group based out of Nashville, TN. These 5 boys were selected out of 500 to form a new boy band focused on national and international touring. I have been involved with Beyond 5 from the beginning, and it has been an amazing ride. I built the touring equipment, helped with branding, planned the logistics for a month long 9 country Asia tour, and travelled with them all across Asia and the US. Most recently I have been responsible for the marketing, social media, and branding efforts. Beyond 5 was a contestant on ABC’s new music TV show, Rising Star and I crafted a nationwide PR/Marketing campaign, resulting in TV/newspaper appearances in 9 states  and 1.1 million social media impressions in the same weekend. I also rebuilt the website and merch store to reflect the brand of the group, as well as providing a hub for fans to interact with the band.



Dóxa Threelay is an new entrant to the ultra marathon racing segment. Their race is a 12 person, 2 day, 270 mile Triathlon featuring biking, swimming, and running segments for each team member. Shown to be a growing market in the Intermountain West, Dóxa knew that they needed to brand themselves towards the most extreme of athletes. Dóxa is Greek for ‘glory’, and I was engaged to create a brand style guide and to produce a TV/Web commercial to create brand followers. I was the producer on this video project, collaborating with some long time cinematography partners to pull off this project in a two week turnaround.


Some partners and I were contacted to provide some creative consulting for the managers in charge of internal training at General Mills Canada. They were having trouble with several corporate issues: email overload, meetings going over time, and employees stepping outside of job responsibilities. We were brought on to design a training series to bring newer and more innovative working strategies into an established setting with employees who aren’t up to date with cutting edge technology. We produced a 6 part video series called “G-fficiency,” aimed towards finding and promoting new internal efficiencies to their company. Below is one of the clips aimed to introduce a new model of prioritizing tasks during normal work days.

General Mills - Internal Effectiveness Videos

Nimble is an Urban Development Consultancy based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Nimble is led by a group of urban planners, architects, and real estate consultants who seek to bridge the gap between private property holders, real estate developers, and city planners. Their innovative approach to consulting coupled with their knowledge of current development trends brings value to all parties by ensuring long term vision in new downtown developments. I was brought on to help with branding and market strategy. I designed their website and a partner designed their logo, business cards, branding materials, and social presence. You can learn more about them on their website, they are an ambitious bunch.


Motif Media is a personal project of mine. Originally created as a place to store music copyrights and intellectual property, I have grown it into a brand that is focused on providing media, branding, and advertising services for clients. While a fair amount of my freelance work is funneled through Motif Media, I have also worked to build something larger with it. I have partnered with some Utah based advertising outlets, primarily focusing on movie theater, text message, and blog based advertising. Since many of my clients are local shops, I work with them to create media content for their business that works for their social properties as well as these advertising outlets. Creating these efficiencies saves my clients time and money, while increasing their exposure more than what other media groups can offer.

Pikkit is a software and advertising startup based out of Las Vegas, NV. Their goal is to create an elegant advertising network where the ads are easily viewed, highly and accurately targeted for the users, and that users are rewarded with cash and gift cards for watching these ads. We worked with them on branding and wireframe design for a web based user portal and a sidebar that rotates ads, embeds on blogs, and links activity to the user portal. Pikkit is currently in beta right now, collecting more user data before they launch to their next level of service.


Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. It is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in more than 100 cities and 42 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies. I have been involved with the Utah Chapter in promoting our brand, drawing in new attendees, and providing video services to record our presenters.




When working on new projects or with new clients, I always set my vision before I produce anything. I work to help groups set their business objectives and define their metrics, setting up ways to measure them. But my real strength lies in understanding how media efforts are linked to how much a business is achieving their goals. Check out some of the featured projects below for more information.


Finding the right ways to position, brand, and market your business is a constantly changing target. Not only do customers change, technologies and trends change just as fast and you need to stay on top. I always look to see the spoken and unspoken messages that your media efforts are saying to your customers, finding new ways to refine your image, reach new segments, and track your results.


Consumers are constantly bombarded with options. The hallmark of a great product design, business strategy, or user experience is in eliminating the unnecessary elements and focusing on delivering a beautiful, appealing, and streamlined package for your users. Design principles apply more often than you think. “Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity, it is the absence of complexity.” -Alex White